Sem Test Exemption Rules

Weatherford High School Spring 2018 Semester Test Exemption

Mission: Students who meet the following criteria may be exempt from one or more semester tests at the end of the spring semester. An exempt student may still choose to take a test in an effort to raise his/her grade average.

CRITERIA FOR EXEMPTIONS: (Begins January 2, 2018)

NOTE: Exemptions will be determined on a class period by class period basis for the following two criteria:

  1. No grade lower than a C in the class

  2. No more than 4 absences in the class

    Discipline referrals and test exemptions:

  3. A discipline referral that results in detention, ISS or suspension will result in the student taking ALL semester tests. This includes detention for tardies, cell phones, and dress code violations.

    **All absences except school activity absences WILL count in determining qualification for exemption.

    Failure to be in attendance for a required semester test will result in the student receiving an INCOMPLETE (I) for the semester grade. If the student does not take the semester test within 10 days of the start of the next semester in August, the (I) will be changed to (F) for the semester grade.