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AP Literature and Composition

An Advanced Placement course is an introductory college-level course for willing and able students.  This course will engage students in the careful reading and critical analysis of imaginative literature. This senior-level advanced placement class will provide challenges typical of an undergraduate university English literature/humanities course.  This course is designed to comply with the curricular requirements described in the AP English Course Description. [C1]

            Ultimately, this course will prepare the student for the AP English Literature and Composition examination given in May.  This test determines the level of achievement compared with sophomores in college English classes.  If a student earns a grade of 3 or above on the exam, he or she will be granted college credit at most colleges and major universities through the country.

            The specific skills required to pass this test include the following:  literary analysis of selected prose and poetry, analytical writing, application of analytical skills in major novels or other major literary works. Students will consider a work’s structure, style and themes as well as smaller elements such as the use of imagery, symbolism, figurative language, and tone.  Students are not required to take the AP examination in May although I hope that they will.  Students will receive credit for the class whether or not they take or pass the test.

            Statistics show that students who take the AP class in high school are better prepared for the challenges of rigorous college-level work than those who do not.  Actually, most AP students receive better instruction in smaller classes in high school with teachers who want to teach the courses. 

            This class is not closed to any student.  Whether the student “places out” or not, the College Board research shows those students’ scores increase on nationally accepted exams due to the AP course study.  Students must be prepared for the heavy workload and the intellectual challenges offered by the course.