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English III lesson plans


****I emailed ALL students last week to the email that I had on file for them, and I attached all of the assignments for the rest of the year. Please check your email and see if you received the information. 


Final Assignment for To Kill a Mockingbird                11th Grade English (3, 4, 5 or 7th hours)


STEP ONE: Read the novel, To Kill a Mockingbird. I have linked an English and a Spanish pdf on my teacher educational website page at I have also provided an audio link so you can listen to the book and/or read it.  There is also a 1960s movie that goes along with the book, but there a quite a few differences. Only watch the movie AFTER you have read the book.


STEP TWO: You will choose to do either the worksheet packets for the novel, or you will do ONE project from this list. If you have internet access and a device, you can submit your worksheets or project digitally (Docs or Word), or you can take a picture of work and I’ll grade it that way. Just be sure that if you only submit a picture, make sure I can read your answers so I can grade it. 


AGAIN, you will choose to either answer the worksheet packets and turn those in, or you will choose one of the projects listed and turn that in.  Your choice of assignments will be due on Friday, May 8th (or earlier if you would like to do that).


*****If anyone wants extra credit to improve your grade even

       more, you may choose to do BOTH assignments, and one

       will be for extra credit. So you could do the worksheets for

       the class grade, and choose ONE project to do for extra    



I will check my email ( several times a day, so if you have any questions for me or need clarification on anything, just let me know. We are all overwhelmed with this new form of teaching/learning, so I tried to make this assignment as low-tech as possible for those who can’t access technology.