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English III lesson plans


Monday, August 26th

  1. Vocabulary lesson-1
  2. Begin notes over Puritan literature


Tuesday, August 27th

  1. ACT bellwork
  2. Finish notes


Wednesday, August 28th

  1. Read “Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano”
  2. Take notes of the events that took place


Thursday, August 29th

  1. Vocab quiz-1
  2. Read “Narrative of the Captivity”
  3. Take notes of the events


Friday, August 30th

  1. Hand out information about the compare/contrast essay that will use the two stories from Wednesday and Thursday.
  2. Go over outline format. Outline will be due Tuesday, September 3rd.



Monday, August 19th

  1. Grammar/usage/mechanics/punctuation assessment


Tuesday, August 20th

  1. ACT bellwork – Reading skills
  2. Hand out textbooks
  3. Begin notes over Native American/Puritan literature


Wednesday, August 21st

  1. ACT bellwork
  2. Finish notes from yesterday


Thursday, August 22nd

  1. Read “The Earth on the Turtle’s Back” from the book pg. 20
  2. Read “When Grizzlies Walked Upright” pg. 24


Friday, August 23rd

  1. ACT bellwork
  2. Answer questions from the stories on pg. 29 #1-5


Tuesday, August 13th

  1. Introduction to class policies, rules, syllabus, etc.
  2. Hand out copies to students for their reference.
  3. Textbooks handed out.


Wednesday, August 14th

  1. Student interest inventory
  2. Seating charts
  3. Textbooks handed out. Show students the new online book and give them the option to choose that over the physical book.


Thursday, August 15th

  1. Go over Google Docs. Have students get the app if they don’t already have it
  2. Have students write a letter to the teacher using the interest inventory. The letter must be in correct form with heading.

Friday, August 16th