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Pre-AP English III lesson plans


Wednesday, August 16th

  1. Introduction to class policies, rules, syllabus, birthday calendar, etc.
  2. Hand out copies to students for their reference.
  3. Go over Google Docs and the textbook online option.
  4. Check out any books needed.



Thursday, August 17th

  1. Test over the summer reading The Scarlet Letter.
  2. Students will turn in the summer assignment journal.

3.   Check annotations from the summer assignment while students are testing.



Friday, August 18th

  1. Check to make sure all summer assignment essays are turned digitally.
  2. Begin work on character metaphor project.
  3. Students will analyze a literary character by selecting metaphors, which describe the character’s motives, actions, and persona. The students will write descriptions explaining each character metaphor and how that metaphor describes the area of the character.
  4. Students will then find images that represent (metaphorically) the character and begin to place the images on the character template. They must have an explanation for what image they chose and why.
  5. Project will be due on Monday.