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FACS Basics

Sewing lab

Students will be working individually on the following objectives.

Identify and define parts of the sewing machine.

Identify and define parts of serger and embroidery machine.

Identify and define sewing equipment and notions.

Sew on paper patterns to learn how to operate a sewing machine.

Thread a sewing machine.

Operate a sewing machine, serger, and embroidery machine by making Burcham Book Bag and pillowcase.

Identify natural fibers and their characteristics.

Identify synthetic fibers and their characteristics.

List steps for sewing. 

Identify quality in clothing and how to choose garments.

Identify tips for ironing and pressing.

Plan a wardrobe for certain occasions.

Describe and identify fabric and design illusions.

List steps in doing laundry.

Define laundry products.

Sort laundry for cleaning.

Identify drying clothing techniques.

Describe ways to remove stains. 

Demonstrate ability to do hand stitches by making a Fear Me Not Monster.


Child Development

Tuesday  and Wednesday

Set up notebooks.

Identify parts of reproductive system.


Infant Care Races


Check out babies 

Prepare Fear Me Not Monsters

Early Child Care Class

Students will have class at Burcham on Thursdays and Monday to demonstrate preschool activities learned during the week.

Students will prepare for the following activities over the upcoming weeks. 

Week of Jan. 21 – Puppet Show

Week of Jan. 27 – Art Activity

Week of Feb. 3 – Craft Activity

Week of Feb. 10 – Science Activity

Week of Feb. 18 – Math Activity

Students will work on Fear Me Not Monsters when they are finished with planning for preschool activities.