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FACS Basics


Sept. 10-21


Unit 13, Using a Recipe


  1. How to read a recipe
    • Different styles of recipes


  1. Preparation and Cooking terms
    • What is the recipe telling you to do?
  2. Proper measuring techniques
    • Liquid and dry ingredients
      • This will include a lab with centers to learn specific measuring methods for liquid and dry ingredients
  3. Planning for a food lab
    • How to make a plan to work efficiently in the food lab
  4. Recipe Conversion
    • How to change the yield (number of servings) in a recipe


Labs in this unit will include basic measuring techniques.



Unit 11, Kitchen Equipment


Associate common kitchen equipment with their correct description/use


Lab plans will include proper tools needed to complete each recipe.


Students will be tested on all of the information in this unit!

Students were given a pretest before beginning this unit to determine prior knowledge.