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Trigonometry Lesson Plans

Hello Trig Students!

This is a CRAZY time! And so disappointing! I wish that we could have gotten back together to finish up the school year. You all were the best classes ever, and I already miss you.

Please be assured that I will do the best that I can to get you through the last 5 weeks. We are going to finish the Chapter on Law of Sines/Law of Cosines, etc. that we started before Spring Break because I feel that it is important material. We will not be doing Pre-Calc. We will do part of this on the computer/cell phone (if you have the capability) and part if it out of your book – so everyone will need your textbook. We are only doing 3 lessons a week for the next 5 weeks, with a quiz at the end. If you do not have your book at home, you can go Monday, April 6 from 9-12 to get it.

You have a choice to do the online/book assignments or not to do the online at all and do all from the book. It will be your choice, but the online material has additional examples and explanations. If you are choosing to do all from the book, will you please let me know either by e-mail or Remind.

The grades will show up on the computer program (ALEKS) after the due date, but the grades in the PowerSchool Gradebook will calculate your final grade. Third and Fourth Nine Weeks grades will be cumulative and not 50/50. I will try to update grades in PowerSchool regularly – not sure what days yet. I will have a video of each lesson available to you on the school website and will also have a couple of times a week set up so that you can ask questions if you have them – we will be using ZOOM, and I will send more info on that at a later time.

If you have internet access, please go to or just Google to get to the website. I will be giving some of the assignments on there, but you will not be able to access them until April 6. The first time that you log in, you will have to take a “Knowledge-Check”. It takes about 30 minutes to an hour, so allow yourself time to do it. You will need a pencil, paper and a calculator. It will say not to use a calculator, but I don’t mind. You can do the it before April 6 if you want. The Knowledge Check will count as your first assignment, and everyone who completes it will get a 100% in my gradebook. Do not worry about the score that you get on this, but please do your best. It will give you a pie chart which shows which concepts you have mastered. We will not be building on the pie chart, but you can do that if you want to! I will consider bonus points for doing that.

Please send me an e-mail from your personal e-mail address at and I will reply with your Aleks user name and password.

If you are not on Remind let me know so that I can get you the link.

Let me know if you have any problems.


Mrs. Bryant



Week of April 6 – (Due April 13)

First Day – Log on to Aleks and take the Knowledge Check.    

                  Make sure you have your textbook – for later lessons. Some lessons are on Aleks, some out of book.


Assignment 1 – On Aleks

                  HW 1 – Law of Sines (Review)

                  Watch Video Explanation and then Log on to Aleks and look up Assign 1.

*Note – On Aleks, do not do the “Continue My Path”.

In the upper left corner, go to the 3 lines and then choose ASSIGNMENTS.

Also, you can get help with the icons to the right of the problems. If you choose example – it is unlimited. If you choose, explanation it will show you explanation and count it incorrect, but you can choose that problem again and correct it!


Assignment 2 – Area of Triangle (SAS)

      This lesson is out of your book – No assignments matching this are available on Aleks.

      pg. 298, 44-50 evens (Must show work. Send me a picture of your paper on e-mail or Remind. )( *e-mail is preferred)

      Watch Video if needed – This is review. :)