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Trigonometry Lesson Plans

Nothing to do for Week 5! 

I am so proud of all of you and the work that you did! 

If you do not have the grade that you wanted, you may work on the Aleks Pie for bonus. You will get 2 points bonus for each % point earned. So if your Knowledge Check was a 50 and you raise it to a 55, then you will get 10 points bonus.

The deadline for bonus to be in is 3:30 pm on Friday, May 8.

***Semester grades will be cumulative, not 50/50 – so the grade you are seeing is your semester grade!



Week of April 6 – (Due April 13 at 7 a.m.)

First Day – Log on to Aleks and take the Knowledge Check.    

                  Make sure you have your textbook – for later lessons. Some lessons are on Aleks, some out of book.


Assignment 1 – On Aleks

                  HW 1 – Law of Sines (Review)

                  Watch Video Explanation and then Log on to Aleks and look up Assign 1.

*Note – On Aleks, do not do the “Continue My Path”.

In the upper left corner, go to the 3 lines and then choose ASSIGNMENTS.

Also, you can get help with the icons to the right of the problems. If you choose example – it is unlimited. If you choose, explanation it will show you explanation and count it incorrect, but you can choose that problem again and correct it!


Assignment 2 – Area of Triangle (SAS)

      This lesson is out of your book – No assignments matching this are available on Aleks.

      pg. 298, 44-50 evens (Must show work. Send me a picture of your paper on e-mail or Remind. )( *e-mail is preferred)

      Watch Video if needed – This is review. :)



Week of April 13 ( Due April 20 at 7 a.m.)

I am only giving you two assignments this week because the book assignment may take a little longer.

I made 3 short videos divided into the type of problem so that if you need to look back, it will be easier to find the kind that you are looking for. Watch all 3.


Assignment 3 – Law of Sines (SSA - The Ambiguous Case)

pg. 305, 21-29 odds

Video- SSA (Obtuse angle)

Video – SSA (Acute Angle)

Video – SSA (The ambiguous case.)


Assignment 4 – Law of Sines (The Amb. Case)

 Do HW 2 on Aleks


WEEK OF APRIL 20 – (Due April 27 at 7 a.m.)

Assignment 5 – Law of Cosines (SAS)

Watch video and take notes. Do book assignment: pg 314, 20,22,30 (Must show work)


Assignment 6 – Law of Cosines (SSS)

Watch video and take notes. Do book assignment: pg. 314, 24,26,28 (Must show work)


Assignment 7 – Law of Cosines (SAS/SSS)



Week of April 27 –  (Due May 4) 

This is the last week for Trig! ALL ASSIGNMENTS ARE DUE MAY 4 at 7 a.m.

You may turn in your books at school on Monday, May 4 from 9-12 a.m.


Assignment 8 – Heron’s Formula

Do Aleks HW4


LAST  ASSIGNMENT – Aleks Chapter 7 Quiz  (Over 7.1-7.3 in textbook/Lesson 1-4 on Aleks) – 

You may use your notes, your book, and your homework on the Quiz. Please do not help each other with this. You get only one attempt and NO corrections.

You have an hour time limit and once you begin, you must finish – you can not come back. This should be ample time to do the 10 problems.