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Algebra III Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans ~ Algebra III

Week of January 22, 2018


Jan 22         Begin Section 2.6  “Domain of Functions”

                               “find restrictions in domain caused by variable in denominator”

                          Assignment:  pg 279  prob 1-16 all

Jan 23         Work Day on Monday’s assignment

                           (Note: I will be gone to a math textbook conference)                                  

Jan 24         (continue)  Sect. 2.6  “More Domain Restrictions”

                               “find restrictions in domain caused by variable under square root”

                          Assignment:  pg 279-280  prob 17-30 all

Jan 25         (continue) Sect. 2.6  “Operations with Functions”

                               “given 2 functions, find sum, difference, product & quotient,

                                and specify domains”

                          Assignment:  pg 280  prob 32-36 evens, 40,42,46

Jan 26          Work Day