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Art II Lesson Plans

Welcome to


Mrs. Fuller    2nd hour planning period (9:18-10:07 a.m.)

Welcome to Art II! I am excited to help you grow in your understanding and application of art skills. This syllabus will inform you about what you can expect from me and what I will expect from you during this class.

In this class you will...

  • Develop life drawing skills using correct techniques
  • Learn the principles of design vocabulary
  • Solve creative based problems
  • Work with a variety of media
  • Participate in peer critiques
  • Discuss works made by well known artist

Class Assignments and Grades:

  • Technique practice-50 points
  • Projects-100 points
  • Sketchbooks-25 points
  • Critiques-20 points
  • Altered Books-75 points
  • Art History Quizzes-TBD

Missed Work

If you will be missing a day of class, you must come in during Eagle Time to make up any missed work. I will not use class time to catch you up.

Late Work

During this class I will give you every opportunity to finish projects. If you work diligently on your project during every class period and are not finished by the deadline, I will allow an extra week of work. This late work will only be allowed during Eagle Time.

Incomplete Work

If you do not finish a project during the time given in class you will receive a “0”. I do not grade incomplete work

Required Supplies

The following supplies are mandatory for this class. You will need to have them right away, as we will use these supplies to work on assignments. I will assign each of you a locker to keep your drawing pad and supplies in. The drawing pads stay in locker room when not being used during class. You are responsible for bringing your pencil and eraser to class daily.

*The following can be found at Ratcliffs

  • 2H,HB, and 2B Prismacolor Turquoise Brand drawing pencils (one of each)
  • (1) 14 by 17 Strathmore 400 series drawing pad (brown front)
  • (1) Kneaded Eraser

*The following can be found at Wal-Mart

  • Click style or good quality eraser
  • Compositional Notebook
  • 8 by 10 or 9 by 12 Sketchbook

There is a $20.00 art fee for consumable supplies. Make checks payable to WHS ART DEPARTMENT. I would prefer to get all fees taken care of as soon as possible, so please do so at your earliest convenience. If there are circumstances that hinder your payment or your purchase of supplies, I need to hear from a parent as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made.

*If you qualify for Johnson O’ Malley come see me after class.

Tardy Policy

After 3 tardies, you will be assigned detention. 6 tardies will result in an absence.

Discipline Policy

Failure to comply with the rules will result with the following:

1) Verbal Warning

2) Personal conversation

3) A call to parent or guardian

4) Office referral

Technology Policy

 Phones: Each day you will place your phone in the “Phone Station” that is located by the door to the studio. You may ask to use your phone as a picture reference during projects that require a photo or while working in your extra credit booklets. You may only retrieve your phone if given permission.

Headphones: As an art II student you will be allowed to wear headphones ONLY during studio time while working on a project. You must always have an ear free to listen to instruction. Do not forget, this is a privilege that can easily be taken away.

Hats and Hoods

Not allowed in this class-this is a school policy.