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Art IV Lesson Plan

Art IV students will work independently in the studio. This is a list of the projects that must be completed by the end of semester.

Art 4 Fall Semester

Project List

Choose 7 of the following assignments to complete this semester. Remember to fill out a project sheet before beginning. This semester is all out experimentation. Don’t be afraid to try something new!


  1. Create a work using 3 different media. (ex. Wet media, dry, media, collaging)
  2. Research an artist and compose a work that reflects that artist’s style.
  3. Create a work that has a 3D element.
  4. Compose an abstract piece with depth and layers.
  5. Put together a personal still life in the studio. From observation create a work using a media of choice.
  6. Create a work using reductive printmaking.
  7. Create a piece using pointillism.
  8. Create a work on a non-white or occupied surface.
  9. Create a work using your favorite media.
  10. Compose a work that contains high contrast.



  • All pieces but one must be larger than 9 by12.
  • All images must be completely original. Use a variety of photos as a reference or take your own reference images.
  • You may not have words or phrases in your pieces. The art should speak for itself.
  • No glitter
  • No symbols such as hearts, stars, crosses, etc.



  • Experiment with ideas, techniques, and new styles.
  • Find your artistic voice!
  • Inspire each other.
  • Critique and encourage each other.
  • Create technically strong pieces that express something meaningful!