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Daily Schedule

If students need to catch up on classwork I am in my Classroom around 7:30 AM most mornings. Because of my Athletic schedule I cannot stay after school hours in my Classroom.

8:00- 8:20                      Eagle Time

8:25-9:14        1st Hr.      MS Athletics 

9:18-10:07      2nd Hr.    Computers 1

10:11-11:00     3rd Hr      Computers 2 

11:04-11:53     4th Hr      Computers 2

11:53-12:00                     Advisory

12:04-12:53     5th Hr      Computers 1

12:53-1:28                       2nd Lunch

1:32-2:21        6th Hr       Plan 

2:25-3:14        7th Hr       HS Athletics

Grant Givens

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