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Algebra 1 Lesson Plans

Assignments for each lesson are online at You can access them from your calendar on the ALEKS website. Assignments will be posted each Monday and will be due by midnight on the following Sunday. Go to my 2020 Online School Information page for more information about login information, the online textbook, and how to contact me.

I suggest that you should take a few notes while watching the video lessons, so that you can use them while completing the assignments. More examples can be found in each section of the textbook.


April 6 – April 10 Lesson Plans

  1. Initial Knowledge Check in ALEKS 
    • Once you login to Aleks, you will have to go through pop-up instrucions and a tool tutorial.
    • When done with the tutorial, it will ask you to start an initial knowledge check before you can access other assignments.
    • When finished with this, it will take you to a home page (has a pie chart on it) and you must click through more pop-up instructions.
    • There will be a calendar button at the bottom of the page, which will have links to the weekly assignments. Hover over the links to see the titles for each.
  2. 8-5 GCF and Factor by Grouping Review
  1. 8-6 Factoring Quadratics with a Leading Coefficient of 1


April 13 – April 17 Lesson Plans

  1. 8-6 Factoring a Constant before Factoring a Quadratic
  1. 8-7 Factoring Quadratics with a Leading Coefficient Greater than 1
  1. 8-8 Factoring Difference of Squares


April 20 – April 24 Lesson Plans

  1. 8-6 to 8-8 Quiz (Once a quiz is started you must complete it. You won’t be able to exit and return to it later.)
  2. Solving Quadratics Equations Part 1 (from 8-6)
  1. Solving Quadratics Equations Part 2 (from 8-7)


April 27 – May 1 Lesson Plans

  1. 10-2 Simplifying Radical Expressions Part 1
  1. 10-2 Simplifying Radical Expressions Part 2
  1. 10-3 Operations with Radical Expressions

May 4 – May 8 Lesson Plans

  1. 10-4 Radical Equations
  1. 10-5 Pythagorean Theorem


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