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2019-2020 Leadership 1st Semester Lesson Plans


Week 1 



Lesson Plans

12 Aug

Teacher work day

13 Aug

Introduction PowerPoint

Class Introductions

What do you want to know?

14 Aug

Go over syllabus

“What is a leader?”


Set up appropriate Google email

HW: Email paragraph about attitude to Mr. P

15 Aug

What kind of student/learner are you?

What do you value?

Introduce leader presentations

16 Aug

Present on various leaders


Week 2

19 Aug

BW: Something I did in the last week to get better

Finish Leader presentations

Ethics: How we process values

Ethical questions

20 Aug

BW: Things that are easy for me

Learning style worksheet

Introduce 30 second commercial

21 Aug

BW: Things that are hard for me

30 Second commercials

22 Aug

BW: Things I want to try/do

Finish 30 second commercials

Think of questions for Hein

Learning style test

23 Aug

Guest Speaker: Hein Cilliers


Week 3


26 Aug

BW: What did you learn from Hein?

WoW: Perseverance

Values Clarification

27 Aug

BW: If you could move to another country, where would it be and why?

Study Skills pretest

How do I spend my time?

28 Aug

BW: What obligations do you have?

Study Skills 101 notes

How do I spend my time?-- making graphs

29 Aug

Guest Speaker: Srgt Malachi Petriello

30 Aug

BW: What did you learn from Srgt Petriello

Perseverance Presentations