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English I Pre-AP


What a tumultuous end to the year. As you should have heard, we are finishing our school year through distance learning. This is brand new for everyone. I am sure we will all struggle at some point. Therefore, I am glad to extend any grace you may need and will be thankful for any grace you can share.

For English, we are completing a five week project. To complete assignments, you can use googledocs and share it with me. If you do not have internet or computer access, you may write out your assignments on paper and turn them back in to the school. Please let me know which option you prefer so I can plan accordingly. If you want to visit with me, we can arrange to meet virtually or via phone call. I have set up a phone number specifically for school purposes (405)352-0554. Contact me through email or Remind to set up an appointment. I will reply to your messages as punctually as I can. However, I will not respond before 8:00 am or after 8:00 pm on weekdays. I could be available Saturdays if we plan ahead, but I will not be available on Sundays.

I would like to host Google Meet sections for anyone who wants to come. They will not be mandatory, but will give you a chance to ask me questions and hear others ask questions. I will get more information to you about that at a later date.


Overview of our assignment for English I Pre-AP: We will read the novel The Giver. There are hardcopies of the book at the school that you may borrow. You can also check out the book electronically. I have been able to access it through the public library on my phone. We will spend three weeks reading the novel. Over the last two weeks, you will write an essay over the novel. I will go over more instructions later, but your paper will involve your assignment for Coach Duncan’s class. 


Week One: 6 April- 11 April

Read chapters 1-8 of The Giver. Write a five paragraph summary of what you read. You may share it with me via GoogleDocs, or write it out on paper and turn it in to the school.


Week Two: 13 April-18 April

Read chapters 9-16 of The Giver. Write out a ten question quiz you would give over that section of the book. Be sure to include the correct answers.


Week Three: 20 April- 25 April

Read chapters 17-23 of The Giver. Choose a quote from each chapter. Write the quote down, including where you found it.


Weeks Four and Five will be added soon.