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English I Pre-AP

2019-2020 Enlish I Pre-AP Lesson Plans



Week 1



Lesson Plans

12 Aug

Teacher Work Day

13 Aug

Introduce myself via powerpoint

Class introductions

Field questions about summer reading assignment

14 Aug

Turn in summer reading project

Go over syllabus

Review expectations for class

Organize Binders

15 Aug

Objective test over The House on Mango Street

Set up accounts

16 Aug

BW: Tell about a time you did not feel like a kid

Introduction to Cisneros


Overview of the book: Bildungsroman

Notes on Style and Vignette


Week 2


19 Aug

BW: What do you remember about Cisneros? How do you think her background affects her writing?

Review style and vignette

Read  and discuss “My Name” together

Vocabtest: Learning Definitions 

20 Aug

Library Orientation

21 Aug

BW: Write a vignette about your name

Share with a partner

Role of women in society from “Marin” and “Alicia Who Sees Mice”

Make graphic organizer displaying information

Vocabtest: Synonym Practice 

22 it Aug

BW: What is the role of women in our society?

Notes on Juxtaposition, Social Commentary, Theme, and Cultural Stereotypes

Fill out notes on juxtaposition, theme, social commentary, and cultural stereotypes from “”Geraldo No Name”

Vocabtest: Synonym Practice

23 Aug

Visit with Ms. Hartman


Week 3

26 Aug

BW: What are some stereotypes you have encountered?

Notes on Symbolism

Look at “Skinny Trees” and rewrite using another symbol

Finish graph organizer on “Geraldo No Last Name”

Vocabtest: Vocab Sentences

27 Aug

BW: What symbols do you use/see in life?

One paragraph essay on juxtaposition, social commentary, symbolism, or bildungsroman

28 Aug

BW: What is something unjust you see in today’s world?

Expand essay to three paragraphs, continue with word Write sentences using words

29 Aug

Type three paragraphs from HOMS

Edit paragraphs

30 Aug

BW: What will you do for your long weekend?

Vocab Test Unit 1


Week 4

2 Sept

Labor Day

3 Sept

BW: What are some new words you have learned/used since coming to 

Introduction and format of essays

4 Sept

BW: Which class is your hardest class?

Finish Essays

Unit 2 Reverse Definitions

5 Sept

BW: What are your expectations for respect in a dating relationship?

HOMS-- Women and Men relationships

6 Sept

BW: Do you see things in black and white, or are you a shades of grey kind of person?

Finish HOMS

Unit 2 Reverse Synonyms


Week 5


9 Sept

BW: Would you recommend The House on Mango Street to others? Why or why not?

Grammar Review

Unit 2 Vocabulary Sentences

10 Sept

BW: What kind of friend are you?

Short Story Introduction, p.18-21

Use Vocab words in sentences

11 Sept

Aspire Test

12 Sept

BW: Do you think standardized tests are a good way to measure students’ progress?

Begin “Cask of Amontillado”, p. 82-90 READ IN CLASS 

13 Sept

BW: What things scare you?

Unit 2 Vocab Test

Finish any vocab work and reading if needed

Mr. Pennington will be gone


Week 6


16 Sept

BW: What is something you regret

“Cask of Amontillado” Questions 1-7, p.91

17 Sept

BW: Would you rather call, text, or talk to someone in person

Read “Checkout” p.96-99

18 Sept

BW: Write a love story.

Unit 3 Vocab Learning Definitions

Unit 3 Reverse Antonyms

19 Sept

BW: What is something you are good at?

Read “The Girl Who Can” p. 100-106

20 Sept

BW: Write about a time something did not meet your expectations.

Finish “The Girl Who Can”

Comparing Points of View 1-2 p. 107


Week 7


23 Sept

Review Prewrite from p. 107

Timed Writing: Compare and Contrast the main characters in “Checkouts” and “The Girl Who Can”

24 Sept

BW: What do you remember about Ancient Greece?

Intro the Odyssey

25 Sept

BW: Who is your favorite superhero and why?

Begin reading the Odyssey

26 Sept

BW: Describe a monster.

Continue reading the Odyssey

27 Sept

BW: If you could go to the world of the dead, who would you want to see?

Unit 3 Vocab Test


Week 8


30 Sept

Parent Teacher Conferences

1 Oct

BW: Describe a long trip you have been on.

Continue reading Odyssey

2 Oct

BW: What is something that tempts you?

Finish Part I of the Odyssey Unit 4 Learning Definitions

3 Oct

BW: Write about someone whom you have mixed feelings about.

In class comparison writing

4 Oct

BW: What is something heroic you have done or want to do?

Odyssey Part I Test Unit 4 Synonym Practice


Week 9


7 Oct

BW: How do you deal with disappointment?

Peer edit Comparison and Contrast Paragraphs

Rewrite Paragraphs

VT Unit 4 Reverse Definitions

8 Oct

BW: If you were gone from home for a long time, what would you miss?

Begin Odyssey Part II p.800-808

9 Oct

BW:  How do you feel about Revenge

Continue Odyssey Part II p.808-815

Write Sentences for Unit 4

10 Oct

BW: Whom do you trust the most in your life?

Finish Odyssey Part II p.817-824

11 Oct

BW: Free Write

Unit 4 Vocab Test


Week 10

14 Oct

O Brother Where Art Thou?

Which scene resembles the Lotus Eaters? How so?


O Brother Where Art Thou?

Which scene resembles the Cyclops? How so?

Which scene resembles the Sirens? How so?

16 Oct

O Brother Where Art Thou?

How does the final scene compare to the last section from The Odyssey?

17 Oct

Fall Break

18 Oct

Fall Break



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