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AP Literature and Composition Distance Learning 2020

I have been trying to reach each of my students individually, but it is simply not working. With that being said, please watch the attached video and respond with the requested information. I have made it possible for you to leave comments on this website if you would like. You can contact me here, through email, or through remind. Once you have joined the Google Classroom, you will be able to post onto that board as well. I love each of you and miss you all! Please, make good choices! 


Google Classroom Code: pg6nctn

Download this file here.
Mrs. Royal made a post.
Posted: 04-02-2020


Are you using the school provided Google username? Also, you will need to change your password.

JasLynn Appel made a post.
Posted: 04-01-2020

I keep trying to join your class, but all it says there’s an error and won’t let me join.

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