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Nicole Harrington

Hello everyone, welcome to the Art Page! 

Little update for all parents, I am planning on showcasing your child’s artwork to be purchaseable on Artsonia as a fundraiser to help raise money for the Art Department here. What I mean by that is, if there is a project that your child finished, I will take a photo of it, and that project can be turned into a mug, or pillow, ornament, card… etc, that you or anyone can order! Kind of like RedBubble or Society6 if you are familiar with those sites. You will still have your child’s art at the end of the year, but I do like to keep them till the end of the year so that I may curate a really wonderful show for everyone to see! Here is a link for the Artsonia Page, Parents, you will need to type in your child’s name and grade, along with an email address. I will approve all connection requests that come through. 


  • What are the supplies for Art?

Please be sure to pay the $20 fee at the start of school and DO NOT BUY Sketch paper. Drawing pads are what we use for 90% of our projects and techniques we learn in studio/class. If you cannot get everything, the top priority supply your child needs is the drawing pad.

Art 1: Art 1 Syllabus and Supply List

Art 2:Art 2 Syllabus and Supply List

Art 3: Art 3 Syllabus and Supply List

Art 4: Art 4 Syllabus and Supply List

AP StudioAP Studio Drawing


  • Why can’t I just get cheaper versions of these supplies?

Quality matters when it comes to art supplies! Cra-z-art, Roseart, and other cheap brands are good for toddlers and elementary students, but when it comes to High School, we want the better stuff so that students can understand the proper techniques and foundations for their works, and that won’t happen with poor quality art supplies.


  • What makes art so important?

 A little sappy, BUT, Art is an integral part of our life. It is in everything around us and is part of being a human. Learning these foundations of the arts helps build a more creative artist in us all. I know some of you believe you can only make a stick person, but that is not true! A stick person is a mere building block to what potential you can do, and I only hope our children will grasp most of what comes out of my class to aid them in their futures. To be creative is imperative to our lives. It builds opportunities and bridges us together! 


  • What field trips does my child get to go on?

From Art 2 to AP studio, I take your child to museums, art galleries, and art festitivites that are held in the city! I always want to broaden your child’s horizons with the world of art. Past places we’ve been to were: Factory Obscura, Philbrook Museum, Plaza District’s annual art festival, OKC Annual Art Festival and the OKCMOA.


  • Do you take donations?

Yes! The art department will always graciously take any donations. We do hold fundraisers too, such as the Candy Crop fundraiser, Artsonia, Sticker sales, food sales, t-shirts sales...etc. We do our best each year to do different things! We use this donation money towards more fun projects such as doing clay projects and other sculpture projects. If also helps pay for other consumable supplies like paint and paper. (Not every student is able to buy all their supplies so we take what we can get and help every out as much as possible!) Checks can be made out to the WHS Art Department.

Nicole Harrington

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