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Loney, Audrey

I have set aside a period of time each day for my students to read.  They will read whatever they want (as long as it is appropriate) for this time.  It can be a book from home, the library, or my classroom.  It can be a magazine or comic book.  The only rule is that they enjoy reading it! 

“Good writers write, but they read even more, watching how other people throw words around to catch meaning.  The more you read, the better you write—and the NAEP’s Writing Report Card proves it.  The highest scoring student writers were not those who wrote the most each day, but rather the students who read the most recreationally, had the most printed materials in their homes, and did regular essay writing in class.”  -from The Read Aloud Handbook by Jim Trelease’’




Writing to Inform and Explain: How to Survive…

My 6th grade English students just completed some incredible informative essays.  They created a survival guide explaining how to survive a situation they have experienced. They also had a lot of fun illustrating a cover for their guide. smiley

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