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Phillip Major

Mr. Major

Agricultural Education



Parents and Students, 

I know this has and continues to be a crazy time for everyone. I have been working with the school administrators, Oklahoma FFA, Blue and Gold and several other organizations to help make sure that we close out the school year the best we can. Please see the information below regarding different areas. 


Blue and Gold

Blue and Gold has suspended all production due to the guidelines put in place by the Governor. As soon as they resume production, they will contact me regarding delivery. The soonest it would be is early May, but it could be later this summer. I will keep everyone posted on the situation. 



All jackpot interscholastics contests have been cancelled for this year. However, Oklahoma FFA has told me that at some point there will be a contest determining which chapters will represent Oklahoma at Nationals. I have contacted most of the students competing in contests and have given them materials to study. I have also been working with some other ag teachers to help design an online contest that kids can participate in later this month. If your child is a part of a team, please encourage them to continue practicing. 


End of Year Assignments

Students competing in contest areas will need to continue practicing, all other students will need to view this information. There will also be a packet of assignments available for students who do not have access to the internet assignments. 



Much is unknown about what will happen in the months to come, but as of right now shows scheduled for the fall are still on as planned. I will still be buying livestock as needed so please let me know if you are wanting to show this fall. 


Local Chapter Activities 

Activities like officer elections, end of the year banquet, etc. have been suspended until at least May 9th. I will continue to work with our school administrators to devise the best course of action regarding resuming normal activities. 


I appreciate your patience through this time and I know this is affecting each family differently. If I can do anything to help you during this time please don't hesitate to ask. 


As always, if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. 


Distance Learning Assignments