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lesson plans


Physical Science   Sept 23-27, 2019

    Mon –  Term, watch VHS film “World of Chemistry I + II” , notes/report?

   Tues – Term,  start notes over states of matter, atom, elements, etc.

   Wed – Term,  notes over atoms, elements, molecules, etc

            Thurs – Term, 9 WKS TEST nxt wk; notes over at, elec.rules, at. diagrams.  Draw dia.

   Fri – Term, 9 Wks TEST nxt wk; atom drawings, ad+coh, dimen, pres;  atom draw. assign.   

Physics   Sept 23-27, 2019

     Mon  –  TEST#3 Wed; finish Inertia Demos; finish Proj. Motion PrEx#11-16

     Tues – TEST#3 Wed; film over Newton’s 1st Law of Motion” CPA 45 min

     Wed  –   TEST#3 over Vectors+Scalars AND Projectile Motion               

     Thurs – 9 Wks TEST next Wed over T#1-3 and CH 4; Read ch 5 p 59-70(N2Law) 2 I.T.

      Fri – Answer Rev Ques #1-18 over ch 5 p 71-72 “Newton’s 2nd Law”